Biden loves low poll numbers. It just proves even more how he is the most powerful President in US history. He overpowered the entire weak military, entire DOJ, all alphabet soup agencies, all local law enforcement, and all MAGA patriots. He elected himself with no supporters and while everyone talks about his poll numbers, nobody is talking about the election theft and all his crimes. He can sit there with 0% approval while he watches Americans strap on masks that actually hurt, don't help, and he can watch everyone get medically experimented on while he lives luxurious Presidential lifestyle with authority over everyone.

Imagine if instead of Jesse Waters reading off a list about random things people don't like, he showed the video footage of Ruby in George stealing the election, if they interviewed the ballot harvester that took $45,000 to drop off 4,500 ballots. If they went down the list of fraud found in Arizona. If they went over the list of fraud in Pennsylvania that just allowed their fraud case to advance in the courts. They need to be reminding people that it is a criminal regime that got in power illegally through a DIME Warfare coup, it isn't an actual President that just has "low approval". Like reporting on a murder or rape case and saying the perpetrator is innocent but witnesses claim he has low approval.

DIME Warfare is Diplomatic, Information, Military, and Economic attacks coordinated to overthrow country from within. It describes how they coordinate their election theft, corporate lockstep rollouts, media propaganda and censorship, paramilitary riots, incentivized border invasions, medical bioweapons, currency inflation, energy shutdown, and labor force shutdown with medical experimentation mandates.

Ok though, Biden has low approval. He isn't a domestic enemy part of a regime that overthrew the country and is actively killing off Americans with the ultimate plan to permanently destroy the US. Make sure you get your safe and effective vaccine booster shots.

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