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The Ottawa mayor could also just make a quick call to the FCM, Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Together they could spend 1-2 days figuring out what needs to happen to remove mandates for perceived, and sometimes realized, lethal medical experimentation. Then the Trucker Convoy would move itself as they all return home.

The mayor shouldn't have to delegate responsibility to the police chief. This will only solidify an authoritarian approach.

The FCM should have no problem removing mandates, since the virus has already been out several years now. The variant circulating around mutated into a less severe form. And even vaccinated people get and transmit the virus, so mandates are meaningless. Lastly some doctors have really shown that the vaccine can be dangerous and lethal in cases. Increased chance of myocarditis and blood clotting, higher rates of cancer, higher chance of menopausal effects, potential other unknown long-term causes. Leading cardiologist Dr. McCollough said prepubescent kids never got cases of myocarditis before, but now kids are suffering this heart disease post-vaccine.

Canadian biotech company gets paid with each vaccine though. And Canadian government was taken over by the World Economic Forum through their School for Global Government, which many of these leaders subscribe to. WEF wants depopulation, better tracking through vaccine passports, and ability to experiment and control the population with their eugenics plan going forward.

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