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Farmers and truckers can just do nothing. They can just grow a garden to feed their families and "let the land rest" Land has to be pesticide free for a period of time. To be considered suitable for Organic growing. I bet we get a whole bunch of farmers. That change their businesses to organic Justin should have listed. Stalin killed Farmers Mao killed Farmers. The Venezuelan government gave Famer's land away. To people that don't have the skills. motivation or knowledge required for farming. And the Venezuelan people are starving as a result. Farming is skilled labor. Where in many cases . Farming training begins in childhood. That has been the case throughout history. It is still in many cases today. Skills that have been taught by a parent to a child from childhood. Skills that take a generation to learn well. More people died under Dictatorships from starvation. Than in every single plague in record history combined. Me. I don't believe I have a right to other people's labor. If they aren't aloud to have a say. But are expected to labor to feed the people who silence them. That's slavery.

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