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End the use does not say anything about what is going on right now. He and his ilk do not know how to write a speech. "End The Use of the Emergency Act" was not tied to any timeline, Meaning that he has not changed his orders to the police nor the attacking police and attorneys, NOT GOOD ENOUGH Trudeau, you and your police and courts were wrong for forcing the Blood-Clot Failing Experiment onto the people as the USA Democrat Politicians are doing. All will be tried for their medical experimentation crimes for profit. There is no change here. This is what Tyrants say to the feeble-minded common people in order for them to disconnect from what is really going on and to enable the common people to forget so that Trudeau and his tyrant police can safely go back to their homes after beating and jailing and taking allot of money from the common people. That is all this is. All lawsuits had better be dropped and all Crypto Accounts had better be returned to the Truckers -You had better work on that speech Trudeau or a bigger protest will probably be announced by the Canadian people.

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