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It isn't the people of America committing suicide, it is the politicians trying to kill us off!

As far as nuclear holocaust, that is coming, if the Ukraine blows up further due to pedo joe Biden getting his way! It is all part of the plan which their pandemic failed, their 'vaccine' failed, and all they have left is war! For some demented reason, the little kings in their little kingdoms are trying to kill their people off to appease SATAN!

But, we the people of America have to rise up, take up arms and kill the politicians in public and private office! They and their staff are the reason America has fallen into these times of Biblical warnings! Waiting for the next election for change? Did you not learn from the past election that that isn't going to work anymore? The politicians infesting our government don't care what the vote count is and who won the election, they will make it go their way! And they will lie to our faces and tell us we need to 'cooperate and submit to the will of the people'!

We will become the new slaves of the world, while the uber rich enjoy our subservience to them!

Rise up, take up arms and kill the politicians where they stand now, or kneel and bow to the new slave owners!

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