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The LBGT protesters out of Disneyland are not very smart. This has nothing to do with not saying gay. This everything to do with not allowing homosexuals and lesbians go after our little prepubescents children. And if you think that there are not allot of homo adults going after children, the research the Catholic Church, and how homosexuals seek out jobs that allow them to control and have sex with children like the medical field. Boy Scouts which homosexuals basically shut down because so many homos became scout masters and abused allot of children.

School teachers is another one. Homosexuals gravitate to these positions because it is sexually exciting to them if they can indoctrinate small children into a deviant behavior to that they can feel powerful and grow more of their deviant kind, I have seen a school teacher removed from a class that I attended during which he was removed for inappropriate touching of children. His name was Mr. Smith. The LBGTQ community is not in control of themselves. And no child should be raised by two fathers or two mothers. It is not fair to the child.

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