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YA, and a couple BILLION people will know EXACTLY WHO is responsible. Not very smart are they. Can you say .50 cal sniper!!!!! Do these pigs honestly think they will get away with it. Me thinks they are believing their own lies and propaganda at this point. If Trudeau had to run SHIFTS of cops sourced from services across Canada just to control a couple hundred PEACEFUL protestors in Ottawa, can you imagine what tens, if not hundreds of thousands of protestors could achieve. There IS NO security on EARTH that will be able to protect them. Communist China being the only option and even they understand that too much of their stability is based on a prosperous WEST. They now also understand that any attack on Taiwan could go south for them as well. People do not understand how fragile the Chinese Communist Party is. Millions of Chinese HATE them. It is all CLASSIC EVIL and CLASSIC LEFT. Brainless which only ends up with them killing themselves. Food shortage ok. But we now CONTROL the mass media. The people WILL know who to blame. What I predict coming with the glory of God is A LOT of DEAD Globalists.

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