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Ten Point Ethics-Inducing Reforms of the Federal Government and National Policy!

(I) Revamp the private debt-based monetary system (see

(II) Bring ALL US troops home behind the borders of the United States. Close ALL US military bases overseas.

(III) No entangling foreign military alliances.

(IV) Develop advanced laser-based defensive weapons systems providing the United States with an impenetrable protective shield against all manner of missile attacks. Share the technology for such systems worldwide.

(V) Abandon nuclear weapons programs and biological weapons programs and curtail all trade with any nation which will not similarly comply.

(VI) Secure our national borders. Task the U.S. Navy with keeping open the world's sea trade lanes.

(VII) Mount a sustained national research effort to develop fusion as an energy source. Share the technology worldwide once it is developed.

(VIII) Legalize all drugs and let the chips fall where they may. No more profits from making any drug illegal. If necessary, step over dead bodies in the street!

(IX) Establish strict term limits on Federal Representatives and Senators. Disallow campaign contributions from businesses for any state or federal office. Only personal contributions are allowed.

(X) Disband all federal government alphabet agencies not specifically authorized by the U.S. Constitution.

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