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Great video! This is a really informative and the information is condensed in a way that made it easier to take in! Every single person should have to understand this information! Interestingly, my husband and I were just discussing yesterday that everyone who graduates high school should be required to learn about the banking system, mortgages, loans, how the GDP works, how debt works, understanding credit, inflation, interest etc etc. The way everything has dramatically increased in price, loans are not a choice in the way they used to be and almost no one understands how any of the system works before they get thrown into it. It's a soul crushing experience, that can be absolutely life-destroying, to have any sort of large debt that you can't seem to get out from under. It truly seems like a crime against humanity. It seems like there has to be a group of people behind the scenes stopping education of this matter because there is no way that educators don't know how important this is to learn now by the time you're out on your own. As the quote from Henry Ford said...if everyone understood how it would work, the jig would be up in short order. This is the definition of weaponizing ignorance. One of the things that first raised questions for me was the strangeness, when trying to find out who owns the Federal Reserve, and every answer is that essentially no one owns the Central Banks. Hmm. So who's getting the interest from all of these debts and loans then??

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