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Even when I was ten years old and the first time I drove with a clutch I caught on instantly and was driving fine

Even before that when i was four my mom had parked in a steep driveway and I accidentally slipped it out of park with no emergency brake on rolled back into the street where I turned the car to parallel the curb then jumped from the seat onto the brake to stop it

When my mom came out she ran to the car opened the door and there I was wedged between the seat and the brake with both feet on the brake LOL

She ask, How the hell it happen and told her, you forgot to put the emergency brake on and it took off LOL

After that she always used the emergency brake but her Friend ask, How old is your kid and when she said 4 she said, Fucking genius for a baby is all I see asking, who the hell has a 4 year old that can do what he did? LOL

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