7:27 as soon as you started speeding up I was like "that thwomp is gonna get him!" Glad to be wrong.

Yeah, I use my phone for my selfie cam, capture card for game audio/video, and a mic for my voice because my camera mic is too sensitive and it picks up my controller noises a little too well.  I dont use OBS for anything except ps4 stuff but I think I do the same cue thing as you were doing, I have a short segment where I do an audio/visual 1-2-3 voice and finger motion segment that gets cut from the final edit.  I agree that I did not really appreciate what goes into making content until I got into it myself.

Honestly I can hardly hear the music unless I turn the volume up to like painful levels once you start talking.  Interesting touch that it's rupees instead of coins for that stage.

Keep killin it Brandon!  I'll keep your sister in my prayers 🙏 👍

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