I believe that paradoxically, repealing Roe will cheapen everyone's life and right to privacy and control of their own bodies (forced blood donation, for example, or that old boogeyman that scares the heck outta you folks, forced vaccinations. Roll up dem sleeves, champ).

Why are we "all going to die"? Ooooooooo, HECK you just got dArK and sCaRy!!1!!111! I can hear the boomers trembling from here. You are SUCH a drama queen. Never change, girlfriend. Sparkle on. Can you do it again? It's cute.

Because "great replacement"? Oh, I see. Those scary brown people! You're dogwhistling at white supremacists ...and apparently, incels. Hahahahaha. "Women's lib"? Really? Women are not cattle and you are against human trafficking, remember? These conservatives all want to bleat about trafficking children and kidnapping and Comet Pingpong and Disney rape tunnels and in the same breath, complain that the "right" women (in their all-important male opinion) aren't planning on having any kids? Is this what overturning Roe was all about, you idiots are trying to force women to breed? Is the USA just a great big ol' human stud farm now or something?

Dude, have you ANY Idea what responsibility is? Sometimes, responsible parenting means... not parenting at all. Sounds like these women are empowered enough to know themselves and their place in this world, whereever it may be. It is not your duty, responsibility, or right to dictate to them what to do with their lives.

Freedom, etc.

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