Like the question in Wizard of Oz, “are you a good witch or a bad witch?”. I think in the 15th century people recognized the satanic ‘powers that were’ (royalty/evil priests) in the past were the ones actually stealing children & spinning illusion spells in the public etc.

So as the people were getting mutinous & handling it in small towns by getting rid of the evil ones & seeing the connections up to the top, the ‘powers’ turned it around, inverting the narrative to detract from themselves by convincing people evil witches were the natural medicine people (mostly women in that part of the world, it would’ve been a full time job appropriate for women who couldn’t have a family but they burned many men too).

While at the same time changing the narrative to only their accepted gov regulated alchemical ‘science’ being good.

They took control with the Spanish inquisitions then natural medicine practitioners & anyone else they wanted to get rid of were tortured & burned as ‘bad witches’ or their cohorts. Inversion spells of who’s good & bad like we still see them do today.

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