Then when a lot of people figured out the Spanish Inquisitors were actually being evil & banned them in Europe after they already got rid of most of the natural medicine people (the last few going into hiding) they changed the narrative again.

The truth of the inquisitions was eventually also seen in N.America so the narrative slowly changed to dark art practitioners being an unbelievable myth. By then around the turn of the century they’d publish stories like blood drinking covens as vampires turning into bats, witches with green faces & warty noses, flying on brooms until they made people believe dark occult characters were ridiculous & couldn’t possibly be real as science was promoted & natural medicine was all just snake oil salesmen.

Through 19th century they’d gradually be more & more open, influencing & testing public views through media until the evils of the black magic cult was viewed to be a ridiculous crazy Christian conspiracy ‘trying to hurt’ the innocents as the inquisitors actually did, while they added/focused on a narrative about modern cultists being the Christians instead (ie Jim Jones, David Koresh etc.).

The very group of people who controlled the Spanish Inquisition changed the narrative & distanced themselves from that image, inverting the identity of evil ones, the false witch burning inquisitors. Eventually dark arts slowly came out of hiding being twisted as a right, to be able to practice openly, accepted as just another belief that was persecuted by crazy Christians. Hope that makes sense.

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