You speak a lot of grabblers. In my experience, muslims are some of the worst grabblers out there. In fact, many of them admit it and are proud of it, not realizing it is the reason they're so destroyed and annihilated by Satan, especially in their countries, and so much punished by God. Islam as an idea might sound good on the surface, but muslim behavior does not provide any proof that it is real. All muslims that I met do not seem to take their religion as seriously as the Christians that I know. They do not convince as a result of the legitimacy of their religion. To give you examples, many muslims do not seem to succeed in life through their religion. Many abandon their people and islamic countries and follow the ways of atheists in the west, profiting off of Satan not God. I tried discovering muslims that were honest and who would demonstrate that God is blessing them through islam in their countries, but I found none. They all seem to say one thing, but then do another. In other words, muslims talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk, they never do, yet they follow atheists, and then make excuses about it. They are very lame and do not provide good examples to share. Try to demonstrate your points with Christianity only given that you are a Christian. Avoid Islam going forward. I haven't said this before just out of respect for your views, but it's time it is said.

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