In a close re-election bid against Jody Hice, Raffensperger has zero incentive to pursue voting fraud in GA -- doing so can only"prove" he failed and help his rival. Ironically, Georgia's Republican Governor -- in his own re-election bid -- has harshly responded to critics, claiming he has no authority to investigate voting irregularities implying that that power is held by the Secretary of State. Campaign insiders, media contacts are conspiring now in GA to downplay, ridicule allegations and those who hold them. Previously, one news personality for Cox Media Group referred to election critics as "knuckle-draggers;" this morning (May 13th) he (WGAU's Tim Bryant) likened those fighting to expose the fraud as akin to Japanese soldiers on remote islands who continued to engage the enemy because no one had told them the war was over. Bottom-line: Kemp may win re-election even after refusing to speak-up or investigate fraud allegations. His win, in effect, joins or collaborates with the Biden Junta suggesting that voting and democracy are not the sole determiner of who holds power in GA; or even the United States. This may mean voting does take a back seat; and power brokers use collusion, political favors, payoffs, and perhaps violence to obtain and keep power. As is, the powers-that-be came close to federalizing elections which would have kept the fraud-prone drop-boxes; even though the law didn't pass, individual states can still use the boxes; and have a lot of latitude on sending and receiving absentee ballots, etc., such that the avenues for fraud remain open. Hence, going forward, political parties and private groups may expand and re-invent ways to control election outcomes. In some sense, modern technology that helped organize and perpetrate the 2020 fraud can be tapped in the tuture to create an ever-evoling ability to hijack the popular vote and gin-up results that are fraudulent but favor powerful interests. Maybe we get fraud back under control and elect our leaders; if not, Americans are going to have to learn to live and survive in a new country where voting is truly optional; and power is transferred in the ways we see in non-democratic countries such as Russia, North Korea, and China.

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