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Duh, what an idiot. Defeating NATO is DEFEATING THE GREAT RESET. What an idiot. Who the hell do you think runs NATO? Not only NATO but are the heads of all Western military institutions? The UN, EU and NATO thought they could get away with using Ukraine as their little dirt pile. Well that aint happening. Russia is now set to encircle the Uk's and totally embarrass NOT ONLY NATO bu their Globalist puppeteers at the UN/EU. All their initiatives against Russia appear to be failing. From Germany to France to would be morons in Finland and Sweden, you have committed political and economic suicide. The 44 Billion from US VETO'D, Finland and Sweden in NATO VETO'd, Germany refusing Russian gas VETO'd. This will actually help hasten the COLLAPSE of the Globalists in Europe. The US is about to give the globalists the bill heave-ho to the globalists in the mid-terms and oust Biden/Harris immediately. The US economy will boom back when the tap is turned back on, purple haired retards of gender confusion will be trampled and Trudeau in Canada will more than likely be assassinated along with Doug Ford. Then Alberta's tap will be turned back on. The solution to this problem is simple. It is not complicated. Mind you a Russian hypersonic missile aimed at DAVOS would accelerate that fix.

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