Really Vince? "Not having any regard for human life, Blitzkrieg mode, Hitler mode... just destroyed everything." Damn son, I love ya like a brother but... What you should have described was going in Communist mode, Stalin mode, as Stalin was an actual bad guy in WWII. Hitler's Blitzkrieg did far less damage to the cities and killed far fewer civilians of Europe than that caused by the British and Americans, and far, far less than the armies of the Soviet Union. The armed forces of the "Allies" deliberately targeted civilians from the earliest days of the war, Churchill being the first to start bombing of civilian targets by bombing Berlin. During the Allies' advances in Europe, Allied air crews (as did Russian) deliberately targeted civilian refugees. Russian submarines deliberately sinking refugee ships in the North Sea. And yet, YOU spout the typical, Jewish BS about Hitler Bad, Allies Good. You greatly disappoint me in that Vince.

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