Thank you for mentioning the movie "Revolver". I just watched it for the first time and thought it was entertaining. Your assertions about the movie embodying Satan in its scenes were spot on! The cartoon scenes were immature and stupid. I wish they weren't in the movie. The ending should have also been violent as the lack of violence in it was weak and unrealistic. The worst part about the movie was not in the movie itself, yet the post ending credits. A bunch of witch doctor types of psychiatrists and new age cultists comment about the "Ego" (what is that? a brand of waffles?!!!) and how some people "created Satan as the form of ego", but of course they were full of bullshit because they were speaking in an unequal fashion positioning themselves as "authorities" that are superior to all of us tiny peasants with a "very big ego" behind their false authority by their own definition of what "ego" is, thus totally negating their entire "authority" and the legitimacy of everything they said. Of course, it takes someone free of Satan's influence through very intense discipline in following Jesus Christ to break from their spell and point it out. The irony is that them speaking at the end of the movie was them casting the "ego" spell on everyone while pretending to be the innocent friend who is warning us how the "ego" disguises itself as an innocent friend. In fact, hiding the existence of Satan with the idea of "ego" is yet another one of Satan's traps and tricks. Only fools who are way behind in their repentence of sins fall for that kind of grable. Thanks be to God, the meek followers of Jesus Christ are completely free of that kind of Satanic influence in Hollywood movies. Godspeed.

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