We the people need to file a complaint/claim against the "SURETY BONDS" of those who PAID the MULES to settle this mess! Contact me for ALL the related info necessary. I've DONE my HOMEWORK!The Political 'Official' Either Pays You or Steps Down! STOP THE TYRANNY FIGHT BACK & WIN! How to hold politicians feet to the fire in cases of corruption? Answer: File a complaint claim against their Surety Bond.

All elected public officials are required to be bonded and they must sign an oath to uphold the Constitution of their State as well as the Constitution of the United States for America. Companies, contractors, and even unions are also required to have a surety bond.

We the People – The community for whom the bondholder is OBLIGATED to serve.

Surety Bond Company – This is the company that guarantees that the bondholder will serve the people.

If a claim is filed against a bondholder, the Surety Bond Company is responsible for accepting the claim(s), notifying the bondholder, demanding that the bondholder address the claim and starting an investigation if the bondholder does not resolve or rectify the situation.

List of Certified "SURETY BOND COMPANIES" in North America

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Stop The Tyranny Fight Back – Bonds for the Win

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As long as monsters like Soros keep getting thugs like Larry Krasner elected to being the DA of Philly, this lawlessness will continue. Krasner's agenda was to reform criminal law. He successfully turned Philly into a "Sanctuary City". Remember, Moral decay has preceded every civilization's collapse. America is NOT exempt.

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