Well folks remember a few things. Your God allowed his own son to be tortured to death This Human Sacrifice told you to eat his flesh and drink his blood. That is exactly what Canabal pedophiles do. Few if any saw punishment after the churches hiding of pedophilia was exposed. In fact some were simply transferred to new children.In some cases a few times. 2000+ years of hidden pedophilia right back to being forgotten and ignored. People cry about the Epstein/Maxwell client list, they have no right unless they demand the churches also, all of them. That covers for pedophile popes, saints, bishops, cardinals, nuns etc... Like Liberals say biden simply loves children so it's OK.

So if you want to worship a father that would allow his own son to be tortured to death. And a son that tells you you must eat his flesh and drink his blood. All because 2000+ years of brainwashing and indoctrination of many generations since birth have told you to.

Guy I met definitely not into pedophilia or human sacrifice even as symbolism. Also not into slavery at all he could have just made us slaves and not given us free will. But you'll say he's the bad guy. This for no other reason then he did not allow his son to be tortured for your sins.. Yep you'll pray to the Human sacrifice on a sign of compliance and submission.

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