I use to follow this 'withe guy' since I find his information out of the mainstream really interesting and much of it with lots of sense. However, as a Mexcian, I'm kind of confused about what he means regarding that the US give rendition to Mexico (my beautiful "shithole" country), because on this side our politicians tell a different story and project the opposite picture. I know all governments of the world are filled with scumbag rats, but what I wanna point out is that (again) we have to be really carful of the narrative that is been pushed on the media everywhere, and see who are our true allies. And just a little reminder for those who've forgotten: the nearby states of the border were once part of Mexico long time ago, but they were sold to "the highest bidder" which it can be translated as a treason. Hope for you that your government doesn't come into the same practice. Blessings!

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