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Boomers do not understand the level at which the whole system is as best a way to put it, not even ours. We have been living amongst a so called christian nation, of which the Washington Monument, is a Satanic Cock. The Money, the eye on the Pyramid, is Satan. The Pentagon, is a Pentagram. 95 percent of all law enforcement swore an oath to Satan, by joining Freemasonry. The sole purpose of freemasonry is to destroy Christianity. You are if a honest person, act as the legit storefront to a greasy backroom system. Generation after generation wanted to go back to sleep and let bygones be bygones, meanwhile those forgiven wolves plotted to feast. In a way, being naive and stupid to the devil is a bargain with him. You leave a fawn alone with a wolf, surely it will be eaten and you cannot ignore it. You are not alone, and we all fell prey to it. They schemed and bartered your soul even before you entered this realm. Your children's future is being sold off. The system is designed to hypnotize you and keep you a serf. The WEF is just the system coming to the surface. To build any system attracts a narcissist to control it. The lie is that the Revolutionary War was won and the Confederacy was defeated. The Tories, who became the Confederates, were an entire class of people that their only skill was thieving and controlling another mans labor. This built up an entire Southern Aristocracy very quickly, and to have that level of wealth and control builds up narcissism like no other. Narcissism is an addiction, and you cant quit a narcissist. For the North to separate the south from its source of wealth, build a narcissists fire, to which they hoped and schemed and prayed to anything to gain their wealth and status back. Que Virginian and southern apologist Woodrow Wilson, who showed Birth Of A Nation at the White House, rekindling fondness for the KKK, and sent thousands of soldiers to their death in World War One. Northern Narcissists shook hands with Southern, and agreed that this nation need be under their boot. There is a common thread throughout history of these people. Start wars, impoverish Americans, indebted Americans into servitude, corrupt the youth, conspire with enemies (USSR, CCP, Nazis, England), poison food and medicine, and clamor to be the 'experts' of every institution and the center of all praise. They cause the problem, they propose they are and have the half-assed solutions to grow like a fungus. It is a plea of suicide. They want what is toxic to them and everything around them. They want the Dragon to come kill us all, they can handle it no more. It is in only Christ that one can look to to redeem oneself away from such guilt and debauchery. The "wins" at home are so that you sit on your hands, and do not prepare for the flood. They want this to happen, and there is no opposing plan, besides 'eLeCTIon!' of which is the system they own, going to fix it for us? No. They need China to invade, otherwise they have ran out of people they have screwed and stuck on the same continent with 300 million gun owners. That way they can weasel themselves out of the country will still having their stupefied subjects stump for them. Wake up, people.

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