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It has so many design flaws. First, elevators should be inside the aerodynamic skin, not clumsily scaffolded to the exterior. The giant round thing has incredible drag on the tail-fin due to the enormous 45 degree supports that should not be on a plane's tail. Why even have a tail on the plane? That tail is practically non-functional. The drag coefficient of this blob, I doubt it could fly as designed. It's just artwork.

Anti-turbulence technology? I have serious doubts about this. Swimming pools? That is the craziest idea for a plane, for alot of reasons. One very good reason to not have a pool of water on a plane is because if the plane has an issue and the pitch or roll angle tips by 45 degrees, it's ejecting all that water and it will go the direction of gravity. The high density and fluid dynamics will send all that weight as far as doors and hallways let it. As soon as the center of lift moves to enough of an extreme, there is no keeping that plane in the sky, it'll crash.

It looks like a cool idea though. I like the concept, but the rendering is just terrible from an engineering standpoint.

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