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Bill Gates made a video { Bill Gates Briefs the CIA } in 2005 . It is of course claimed it was not real by damage control called Fact Check. In that video he said he could now defeat the VMAT2 gene that religious fanatics have . He showed a scan that showed the area of the brain that lit up in the scan of people who claim to be religious versus those who do not claim to be religious . He then said he could defeat that gene with a RESPIRATORY VIRUS and vaccine , Again this was 3 years after Fauci and Chaple Hill University patented Coronavirus Defect year 2002 patent 7279327 and 2 years after the Vaccine was patented # 7151163 In that video the Religious Fundamentalist was basically declared an enemy. Christians are Religious Fundamentalist in terms of the Global Zionist Jews and are held in poor esteme. In fact we are their enemies .

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