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The NWO and World Cabal Fractional Bankers can no longer profit by creating intercontinental wars, then profit on those wars by funding the wars on both sides. WHY ???? Because it is now too Dangerous for them to do so - Because somebody invented Nuclear Weapons. Like all Tyrants, Cabal solution is to bribe your Government officials to develop and release a new weapon onto to common people which will result in massive profits and power Government while the Cabal owned corporations get rich while the common people are killed and replaced by illegal hungry migrants . Make no mistake.....THIS IS A WORLD LEVEL COUP ATEMPT !!! The Cabal and China Bribed Governments are taking your guns, and are stealing your oil..... Just like the most recent Coup in Venezuela. Voting will not help - As they have forced mail-in ballots, no I.D. required to vote in person, and they have their own corrupt computer programs to assist in the ease of the Democrats changing your vote at the poles.

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