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I forgot about gene rosen.

Anyone who looks at this guy and the dead kids singing at the superbowl, and still insists "it's real" is a filthy liar. Even this doughhead david knight guy trying to say "they want you to think false flags aren't real": give me a break. He won't admit anything is a hoax.

We admit false flags are real. They usually happen in hot wars. They're happening all the time in the former Ukraine, right now: Kiev blows up a school and says Russia did it: false flag.

Major media events in America about shootings, health scares and whatnot are hoaxes. They have to be. The producers can't risk someone going off script and second, all the evidence says they are. Gene Rosen proves its fake. Case close. "They're not afraid to kill people." That's not the fucking point. You are watching a movie. The movie is the point.

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