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I think that labeling this thing the "Trump shot" and basically proclaiming that Trump was somehow "in" on the Covid pandemic scam just doesn't make sense. Trump was almost sure to win the 2020 elections as evidenced by the vast crowds that lined up along his motorcade routes and the tens of thousands of folks that attended his rallies. The Democrats and RINOS had spent four years and billions of dollars trying to discredit Trump and have him impeached (the Russia hoax) and when that obviously failed, they became desperate. Their (now known) connections to the CCP (Biden and Clinton, et al) made it very easy for the Democrats to find an ally where a mutually beneficial crisis (Covid)could serve them both well. It served the "deep state" well in that it changed the way Americans would vote in the upcoming elections...which would enable fraud and assure their candidate (Biden) a win via "any means necessary"...and it would serve the CCP well because it would take the world's attention off of Hong Kong's protests demanding democracy and allow the CCP to move- in and crush the protesters and their movement for freedom (which they have done). Trump was unaware of the virus' origins (although he had suspicion) and/or the potential dangers of the virus...although he was the only one at the time calling it the "CHINA VIRUS"...I think Trump was seriously in search of a vaccine and offered rewards to any pharmaceutical company that could come up with a vaccine...Trump was running out of time and wanted to head off any potential outbreaks and the possibility of another "Black plague" scenario...and, as we all know, Trump was blamed for the failure of the vaccines to work effectively...but Trump was gone before he could do anything about it and was the fall guy for the CCP and Dems orchestrated plan to destroy Trump's chances at winning in 2020...which the Chinese DID NOT WANT because of Trump's stance on trade. Trump was the enemy of the Deep- state and of China....and they worked together to dethrone him...and sadly, it has been allowed to stand with zero ramifications for the killers of millions of people around the world and almost complete financial disaster for many small businesses. Trump virus? That's ridiculous. I once respected Dave Knight...but he's becoming just another voice in the halls of confusion. Oh, I long for the Alex Jones days!

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