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Did not even watch this report because it is stupid sunject matter. Look Disney did not do this out of fear of the woke bastards among us. They did not do it for the money.

The reason they did it was a poke in the eye to America, to destroy the America we all know and love, in our minds. They could not even het a pretty black actress. And here's another thing, since so many whites are now marrying blacks did they not realize they should have done a checkerboard appearance among all the characters with a few drag queers same sex couples and shit we all hate? Even throw in a cameo by the black president?

Nope it was done as a poke in the collective eye of America. Keep pokin' Dizziy. You keep pissing off the wrong people and youi are going to get the results you want and then you will be history.

I will go out on a limb and predict that because you have thrown in with the destroyers xof America there is going to no longer be a place among the nations for you in either system. The Devil who you fpollow, or America IDF she recovers her sense of balance.

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