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End The Fed O.B.: "Oh, but you don't have anything to replace it with." NONSENSE.

  1. Nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank and name it the US Treasury of Natural Resources Bank.
  2. For the first time in 119 years, audit that bank.
  3. Confiscate every title deed, promissory note and mortgage that was ever purchased by the FED without the consent of Congress.
  4. Immediately wipe the Fed's balance sheet to zero. Why should a bank owe itself money that it printed and bought?
  5. Confiscate the gold owned by the USA and relocate it all back to Fort Know, where it rightfully belongs.
  6. Issue a new currency backed by the natural resources of the USA (Gold, silver, copper, iron ore, oil, natural gas, coal, timber, high quality quartz, federal lands and buildings, tariff income, etc. (trillions and trillions of worth against any currency)
  7. Keep the FRN in place, but use the new currency to exchange it for public works labor and materials.
  8. On a preset date offer to exchange existing dollars for the new US Resources Notes.
  9. Demand that all trading partners issue a similar range of notes based on their country'e resources.
  10. Offer to pay trade account balance and so-called National Debt deficits only with US Resource notes at a hugely increased ratio, based on the all but worthless FRN, which will have a new, fixed worth which shall be determined and passed by Congress
  11. Facilitate the creation of all 50 states' STATE BANKs, a la North Dakota (which see, and Ellen Brown's articles and interviews).

That's just a cursory outline of random ideas based on absolute facts, and a start, zero interest loans backed by labor and and financed by fees, etc., would follow and be debated... details are not that complex.

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