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Truth is like manure it only does good if you spread it around.

“I have never been able to conceive how any rational being could propose happiness to himself from the exercise of power over others.” Thomas Jefferson

Mastery and success require staying on the path and not giving up. We are taught in countless ways to enjoy the prize, the climactic moment, but a true life of mastery and success is spent on the journey.

We are here to live and grow intellectually and morally, to take advantage of the pre-sent and to plan for future needs. The Golden Rule is God's algorithm for intelligently designed morality. No creature in the universe can simplify the Golden rule making human beings among the most intelligent creatures in the universe . Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, and Buddha walked the earth teaching billions of people about God and God’s laws. They understood there is one God that created all of us. Therefore we are all equal and all members of one race – the human race. They made the golden-rule the moral compass of their religions. They taught us that doing some-thing to our neighbor that we wouldn’t want them to do to us was wrong.

Men like Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Franklin made the Golden Rule the moral compass of US government by including Right To Life Liberty and Happiness in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They made a constitution based on God’s Law and Natural law and assuring separation of Church on State. The constitution gives all Americans freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

America is the greatest nation on earth. The Declaration of Independence and US con-stitution are among the greatest pieces of literature ever written. It is assumed that our rights are God-given, not government given. This is an important assumption in a world run by a ruling elite out to destroy religion. The constitution offers a balanced view of the government’s role and the individual’s responsibility to practice self-control. It is one our finest achievements, and what keeps us unique and a leader in the free world. The fight to preserve the Constitution is worthwhile and one no American should back away from.

Instead of tearing down our founding fathers’ statues we should be teaching our chil-dren what great men they were. We all should be proud of them and giving us a USA that is unique protecting our freedom of religion, free speech rights and separating church and state treating all people as equals. Our constitution should be adopted by all other nations.


Natural law is the basis of the Declaration of Independence, USA & religion. Authentic human development has a moral character - all religions follow the Golden Rule - athe-ism has no moral code & is inherently selfish. Freedom isn't free it requires practicing the Golden Rule.

The golden rule is God's algorithm for intelligently designed morality - religion is con-cerned with the community atheism has no moral code & driven by self-interest

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