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Congress To Sneak $37 Billion Ukraine Aid Into Must Pass Omnibus Bill

As opposition to Washington's Ukraine blank check mounts, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has signaled that the next huge check - nearly $38 billion - will be con-veniently hidden in a year-end, must-pass omnibus bill. It's a way to keep the gravy train flowing while sparing Members the inconvenience of having to face voters. Also to-day...White House to send more troops into Ukraine. What could go wrong?

Defense Aid to Ukraine Tops $20 Billion as New $275M Package Announced By Zero Hedge Zero Hedge 10 December 2022

The Biden administration on Friday unveiled another $275 million in weapons and de-fense equipment for Ukraine, which crucially will come via the presidential drawdown authority.

This means the Pentagon will pull arms from its own stockpiles to send to Ukraine to fulfill this package, despite defense officials having long been on record expressing deep concern over dwindling supplies necessary to protect and defend America.

A Defense Department press release indicated the package is to A Defense Depart-ment press release indicated the package is to include “more ammunition for high mo-bility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS), 80,000 155 mm artillery rounds, counter-unmanned aerial systems equipment, counter air defenses, additional High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles, ambulances and medical equipment, 150 generators and other field equipment.”

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Pope Francis: Interreligious dialogue can help end forms of fundamentalism

Pope Francis' prayer intentions for January 2016

War's A Racket

Zelensky helps CFR/RIIA kill the Church Psyop - gets billions to help his aid-founded studio which is under fire for ‘blasphemy’

The comedy show’s attack on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church crossed the line into “spir-itual war,” the institution has said

Zelensky-founded studio under fire for ‘blasphemy’ The Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra in Kiev. © Sputnik

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) has lashed out at a comedy studio that used to have now-President Vladimir Zelensky among its stars and co-owners, alleging that ac-tors on the show made offensive remarks about the religious organization.

The episode “was drenched with blasphemy” and mocked “not only the Church, but al-so faith in God per se, and thus it offended the religious feelings of all Christians in our nation,” the UOC said in a statement on Wednesday. A message in the name of “clergy and lay people,” which was published by the UOC’s press office online, urged the Kvartal 95 (District 95) studio to remove the content.

The show, which purports to cover national news in a humorous way, released the con-troversial piece online last Wednesday. The UOC was its predominant subject, with hosts accusing it of being a corrupt organization full of “agents of Russia.” They cheered on Ukrainian law enforcement officials, who recently executed dozens of search warrants in UOC churches all across Ukraine. The Ukrainian government is in-vestigating the UOC for alleged ties with Russia.

Ukraine ramps up crackdown on Orthodox Church READ MORE: Ukraine ramps up crack-down on Orthodox Church In one part, the hosts reported that a young man in Ukraine was fined about $3 for curs-ing at a UOC priest and declared that it was a small price to pay for harassing the cler-gy.

They went on to suggest a “price list” for other actions, such as spitting at a priest, “nail-ing the Holy Scripture to an SUV” used by one, and hitting one “on the left cheek, and automatically on the right one too.” Kicking the UOC out of Ukraine is “priceless,” the ‘joke’ concluded, paraphrasing the famous MasterCard ad campaign....

[email protected]: Using God's name to promote violence is blasphemy

Freedom isn't free it requires practicing the golden rule. The 1% Ruling Elite believe they are superior to their 99% lower working class neighbors. Since all faiths believe in the one God we are all brothers and sisters and equal and that means there is no Royal-ty and no Ruling Elite. The only think Royal about the 1% is the Royal Screwing they give the 99% working class to transfer the wealth of their labor using govt control and taxes to make them billionaires and trillionaires.

@repmtg the CFR deep state billions come from producing and directing endle$$ war$ that transfer trillions of tax-payer dollars to CFR member and corporate member bank and global sachs account$. One of the problems the CFR have with religion, is Chris-tians, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists are catching on to the fact that war is a 1% ruling élite racket! Time for our politicians to embrace that fact as well or be removed from office.

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