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I cannot understand where all these weak men are coming from. I see it everyday, but it just blows my mind. Maybe since I did not grow up in the establishment of higher education, although I taught myself to make it in that world, I was not subject to all the BS guilt mongering that is projected on American white males. I do not understand how these men can grovel at the feet of other men and not choose to fight for what they believe in. Or the problem is, they were never able to believe due to not having common sense, and the ability to question thing that do not sound / feel right. My BS detector has always been strong. When Covid 19 first came out, it smelled fishy. I immediately started researching viruses. I spent months researching how viruses worked, and how the bodies immune system fought them I understood the mechanism of T-Cell immunity, and the function of antibodies. So when all the lies started coming out, I was already armed with the truth. Today it is hard to find the information that was available before the government and social media started to censor that information, and to remove it from search engine results. I believe strong men and strong women were able to see the very same things I saw. and are now part of the strong people that we need to fight this system of weak people. The left have always been week. And I mean mostly the far left, because I know there are center left people who really care, but they are overshadowed by the far left people. When I was young, most politicians were closer to center, and did what was right for the people, but it has become a far left agenda. I just hope that we can stamp out the far left and return to a more center weighted government.

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