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If you could repeat the same racist stuff over and over again, it would be helpful to us to understand your point. Currently, there are plenty of tall white people (by the way, the children in your video were not tall, and very few people are as tall as you are) in Davos at the moment, trying to destroy the world and place themselves in complete control of our lives. So blaming all black people for all of the problems in life is pretty stupid.

I wish you used your intelligence to help us form solutions instead of making a ton of money off your followers while you ski and make fun of everyone around you. I joined your club hoping there was something to it, but I canceled after a few months when I realized it was nothing but hype. I'm not saying you are wrong with your thoughts on how to live and such, but going and hiding in the woods while the rest of the world burns is only going to guarantee your demise shortly thereafter. Do you think you will keep your property and that your family will be safe forever just because you chose to abandon everyone and live on a small farm?

I own a farm and raise cows and other stuff, but I'm still out here fighting because I know what is coming. Meanwhile, you say stupid shit and pretend to be so much more in touch with life. I would love to be a pussy and run away, but I can't. I have children, and I don't want them to grow up without knowing America.

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