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Eye opening stream. I'm telling you, this is the one I can use to draw people into your orbit. A lot of my family would have a hard time with the swearing, the comedy culture. But This one you make your case. I have such huge respect for you. I am a complete loser so that doesn't mean anything. I'm a total loser. I took the ticket and got bought off cheaply. It only took a couple of million for me, but I feel like shit. I need to be washing people's feet.

edit 2 I just have to tell you, at this time and place in my life. I just watched Heckler [2008]]]. Other things. This is one of the most impressive addresses I've seen you do. That first hour, folks, is the stuff of legend. I hope among my thousands of bookmarks, I send this one to a good friend on a fine day and walk later and talk about it.

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