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Well this like so many other woke so called equity enterprises will go broke, wish our people would wake up and stop just sitting on their lourals too afraid to speak up. this is what happened in South Africa and Zimbabway, the last thing they did to the whites of Zim. was to commit almost total genocide of them, all but 100 very isolated farm families, who were protected at last by the new government that replaced the self proclaimed black hitler Mugabi,
in South Africa they are still killing and torturing whites where ever they are found, since the CVD the south African blacks rampaged and steal all the foods and supplies from the stores, then went after the whites who either barrakaded their communities and have militias to protect them or fled in terror of the blacks welding machetties. we haven't seen or heard much out of the dark continent lately wonder how they are doing???
So with all the other garbage we all re going through no matter our race we have to out up with this, well like all corporations that went woke, they will most likely go broke, then we will hear the squwaking about racism and white supremacy instead of taking personal responsibility, for their bad choices.

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