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Owen -- Jesus was Jewish. What the ruling elite of his time found offensive was his teaching that there is only one god that created us all. Are you an atheist? What Church do you and your family attend?

Christians, Jews and Muslims pray to the same God.

Place of Abraham in Islam, Christianity, Judaism

No one that understands the golden rule disparages the faith of their neighbor whose faith is founded in the golden rule and who prays to the same God as they do - in to-day's world where all sides try to dehumanize the enemy, we should understand that Jews, Christians, and Muslims pray to the same God.

Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, and Buddha walked the earth teaching billions of people about God and God’s laws. They understood there is one God that created all of us. Therefore we are all equal and all members of one race – the human race. They made the golden-rule the moral compass of their religions. They taught us that doing some-thing to our neighbor that we wouldn’t want them to do to us was wrong.

Jesus said there are two great commands that summarize the Law and the Prophets: to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbors as we love our self. The selfish man does not want to love and obey God, the selfish man wants to love himself. Yet when we don’t love God and our neighbors as we should, when we put the desires of this world before God, we treat our neighbors as objects, things to be used and discarded. Then we create political discord, discord which can rapidly grow bloody. Therefore, we can only become peacemakers by spreading the Gospel and and understanding that the same God created us all. By understanding that Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists are all brothers and sisters who must use the golden rule as a moral compass to follow God's law and natural law resulting in a peaceful and better world for everyone. To become effective in this world, we must do what is needed in the next to join our Lord in Heaven.

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