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The Enormity of What's Coming Will Shock The World! High Profile Arrests!...
83 views · 5 days ago
What's Next Will Be Historic! Hammer Time! Nobody Walks Away From This!
65 views · 10 days ago
Ghislaine Maxwell Client List/Epstein Island Flight Logs Pedowood Vatican +...
67 views · 11 days ago
The Clintons Couldn't Hide This! Down She Goes! No Deals! Nobody Escapes!
78 views · 12 days ago
March 15th [3:15] Booooom! Biden, Clinton, Obama Trials for Treason, Sedition,...
89 views · 16 days ago
March Madness! Indictments Unsealed! Do You Have Your [Brackets] Filled In?...
57 views · 18 days ago
Stage Set! Drop Clinton Crime Videos in Times Square! Unimaginable Treason!...
164 views · 19 days ago
Trump, "Biden is Shot!" Behind-The-Scenes Executions! Who Will Be Next? Big...
119 views · a month ago
You're Watching a Movie: The Systematic Destruction of The Old Guard! The...
154 views · a month ago
To Be Blunt… Game Over! Worldwide Televised Executions! No Escape! No Mercy!...
79 views · a month ago
Feb. 15 [F-15] National Emergency? Watch The Water! Quadrillion Dollar Mega...
218 views · a month ago
Trump: My Fellow Americans, The Storm is Upon Us! Military [Arrests]...
81 views · a month ago
The First Arrest Will Shock The World! The End is Near! There is No Step [5]...
269 views · 2 months ago
Q: Sky Event! Bigger Than You Can Imagine! It's Time to Wake Up!
158 views · 2 months ago
It's Time! [D]ay of [D]ays! Enemy Combatants! Gitmo Military Tribunals!...
133 views · 2 months ago
Q+ Trump: The Shot Heard Around The World! The 2nd American Revolution! A Week...
103 views · 2 months ago
The Storm is Coming! Judgement Day! Nobody is Safe! No Deals! Remember This Day!
194 views · 2 months ago
Big "Event" Coming! Huge Happenings Are on The Horizon! Be Ready! 4 to 6% Will...
112 views · 2 months ago
Q: The Highest Level of Intel in History! Future Proves Past! Enjoy The Show!
131 views · 3 months ago
Q+ Trump's "Behind The Scenes" Plan For Speaker of The House! Learn Our Comms!
99 views · 3 months ago
BIG Events Coming! The Clock is Ticking! PANIC in DC!
113 views · 3 months ago
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  • MajorTom🇳🇿🇦🇺🇺🇸
    <p>You are watching a show- the largest, most sophisticated military sting operation in history...&amp; its gonna be <a data-focusable="true" role="link" href="/tags/QUANTUM" class="hashtag" rel="tag">#QUANTUM</a>.</p><p><a data-focusable="true" role="link" href="/tags/BIBLICAL" class="hashtag" rel="tag">#BIBLICAL</a><br /><a data-focusable="true" role="link" href="/tags/WWG1WGA" class="hashtag" rel="tag">#WWG1WGA</a><br /><a data-focusable="true" role="link" href="/tags/TRUMPSARA" class="hashtag" rel="tag">#TRUMPSARA</a><br /><a data-focusable="true" role="link" href="/tags/GLOBAL" class="hashtag" rel="tag">#GLOBAL</a> FINANCIAL RESET [RV]<br /><a data-focusable="true" role="link" href="/tags/GOLD" class="hashtag" rel="tag">#GOLD</a>/SILVER STANDARD<br /><a data-focusable="true" role="link" href="/tags/XRP" class="hashtag" rel="tag">#XRP</a><br /><a data-focusable="true" role="link" href="/tags/QUANTUM" class="hashtag" rel="tag">#QUANTUM</a> FINANCIAL SYSYEM [QFS]<br /><a...
  • AussieSkeptic
    <p>I wanna see these rats swing at Gitmo</p>
  • ScamFraud79
    <p>Burn Baby Burn. Gitmo Inferno!</p>
  • Trump Won! Happy NObama Day
    <p>Happy NObama Day!Audit the House/Senate! Expel all the unAmerican Traitor Democrat commies and send them all to GITMO.If you voted &quot;No&quot; on the Wall YOU are A Traitor to this Nation! establishment Democrats are complicit in All Murders caused by Illegal Immigrants. The DNC is A Terrorist Org.</p>
  • NinaMuzeka ☦
    <p>1st Gen Russian America Orthodox Christian! TRUMP is our President! I tend to REPOST funny personal posts too, so be careful what you say! LOL! GITMO/LEAVENWORTH open 4 business! On Twitter liked once by PRESIDENT TRUMP, followed by Col. Michael Waltz, Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer &amp; Brigitte Gabriel. NON-FEMINIST! I miss posting on Twitter so the COMMUNISTS could get our Tweets! PLZ DO NOT GIVE INTO ANY VAXXES NO MATTER WHAT! <br />WWG1WGA!</p>
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