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4VKM: Vincent Kennedy - Rodman World Peace
Feb 09, 2021

Have you ever been to Latham, Massachusetts? The fictional town in the Series Finale of Seinfeld holds a special meaning, unknown to most. Put Latham in Gematria Calculator to decode...

The "Biggest Night in Television" May 14th, 1998 started with the Series Finale of Seinfeld, followed by Jerry's appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Following Seinfeld would be a special "Mystery Guest". (Hint: It equals Latham in Gematria)

JFK Jr would give a rare television interview to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on a night the whole world was watching. JFK would talk about his appearance on Seinfeld, if he would ever run and has an interesting exchange involving Dennis Rodman.

Rodman would appear alongside Hollywood Hulk Hogan in weeks following JFK Jrs appearance to setup a wrestling match with WCW's Diamond Dallas Page and The Utah Jazz's Karl Malone. Jay Leno himself would get in the squared circle to face Hogan and Eric Bischoff (President of WCW) later that same summer in 1998.

Dennis Rodman would skip a practice with the Bulls during the NBA Finals in order to appear on wrestling.

Fast forward to 1999 where Jay Leno memorializes JFK Jr after being lost at sea on July 16th, 1999. We go to Larry King in October 8th, 1999 where Donald Trump has announced the formation of an exploratory commission for President of the United States. During this interview he shares a letter from JFK Jr that was dated...past his death.

Years later the Q intelligence program would signal progress made in the peace talks with North Korea. This was mirrored by Dennis Rodman's basketball diplomacy. Rodman is interviewed by Chris Cuomo and speaks about his relationship with Kim Jong Un and his hope for a better world.

Credit to the RestlessRick YouTube Channel for the JFK Jr/Leno Interview.

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