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4VKM: Vincent Kenned - Ruthless Aggression in the ThunderDome
Apr 10, 2021

On September 18th, 2020, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. President Donald J Trump was on stage delivering a Rally performance in Minnesota. As we was walking to Air Force 1, a reporter broke the news as Elton John's Tiny Dancer played in the background. #RGB #AmyConeyBarrett

We flashback to an episode of Five in Ten where Mark Taylor speaks about his "Trump Prophecy" specifically involving the Supreme Court prophesying that Trump would have a total of 5 Supreme Court Picks during his Presidency.

Amy Coney Barrett was the pic to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Q Post 132(ACB) mentions Confirmed. Correct. Major Q proof!

ACB goes through one of her confirmation hearings where she introduces her children she adopted from Haiti. We see Q drops pertaining to Haiti and the crimes committed there. We see the Clinton Foundation which had a major role in that. We also see that the IG Horowitz had handed off his findings on the Clinton Foundation to US Attorney John "Bull" Durham who is about to bring Dark to Light.

Part of that investigation would include the Quid Pro Quo offered to US Attorney General (at the time) Loretta Lynch from former US President Bill Clinton. The infamous TARMAC meeting prior to the 2016 Presidential Election was tipped off by Secret Service. Q team then tipped off the media to make sure a reporter was there!

The Early 2000s were known as the "Ruthless Aggression" Era of WWE. It started when McMahon famously stated so on Monday Night Raw. The following week, John Cena would make his OFFICIAL Smackdown debut on 6/26/2002. His unofficial Smackdown debut happened on October 10th, 2000 or 10/10. 10/10 Wins!

We flash back to the future for Wrestlemania 36 (4/5) where John Cena is facing Bray Wyatt in a "Firefly Funhouse" Match. "The Evil" Mr. McMahon appears to re-enact the famous speech from 18 years ago.

On September 11th, 2020 Jeff Hardy passed out due to dehydration while competing on WWE Smackdown. Ironically 4 years ago, Hillary Clinton "passed out" while at a NYC event. Look closely, it almost looks like she is cuffed and being shoved in a van.

AJ Styles passes by and mentions that we should keep the focus on REAL NEWS.

That same night, Bray Wyatt was set to introduce a brand new member of the Firefly Funhouse. Pasquale The Persevering Parrot however did not survive the box it was being held in as Wyatt did not cut out holes. "Evil" Mr. McMahon appears again and gives Wyatt a tongue lashing for losing the Parrot.

Remember when Fox News had accidentally posted the graphics saying RBG died last year?

We take a look at who nominated RBG (Bill Clinton) and a history lesson on the REAL RBG included with PAGE NUMBERS! Enjoy!

Meanwhile, in the United States where there is outrage from the Radical Left for ACB having adopted children from Haiti, Kanye West is actually in Haiti meeting with the leaders and promising to finish the revolution that started there.

Trump paid his respect to the late RBG in front of a raucous crowd. Noticed that the Flag on the Casket is wrinkled, which is not a good look.

Later that night Trump is back on the Campaign Trail for another Rally in Pennsylvania. Sitting behind him with some very good seats, is the enigma Vincent Fusca.

On the 21st Anniversary of 7/17/1999 Donald J Trump Jr. tweeted "Guess Who's Back" 4VKM uploaded latest video "Self Destruction of the Ultimate Lone Warrior" Later that day, President Trump tweeted "Back from the Dead" 4VKMProof? Who are these two Trumps exactly talking about?

Shoutout to @RaisingCain for the Wrinkled Flag catch and the Cowboy compilation.

With no fans allowed at WWE events, Vince McMahon introduces the WWE Thunderdome. Just a few weeks later, Jim Jordan mentions a Digital Thunderdome in a Congressional hearing on Big Tech Censorship. Interesting coincidence that Thunderdome debuted right around Q drop FIFTH COLUMN. They share Gematria.

Nobody brings the Thunder like the WWE.

You will Never See it Coming

The Storm is Here.

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