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4VKM: Vincent Kenned - Grid Iron Gang 2: Universal R-Truth
Apr 10, 2021

We start off with The Rock hosting 'Christmas in Washington' on 12/9/14. He introduced Obama and family on stage. We see that Obama's Secret Service Code Name was "Renegade."

The YTs question why was it that The Rock knew about the death of Osama Bin Laden before the US MSM? How many minutes beforehand did he announce it? 45 The key phrase in The Rock's tweet is "DAMN PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN"

The same night of the Bin Laden event, WWE was holding their PPV Event Extreme Rules. John Cena recaptured the WWE Championship and after his victory at 10:55pm EST announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. Around this time, crowds start to form outside the White House. John Cena ends his comments with the same phrase The Rock used in his Tweet announcing it, "DAMN PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN."

At 11:35pm the story is now broke, and Barack Obama addresses the nation. Turns out that the definition of a Renegade is " We see a Retweet from President Trump, alleging a conspiracy theory that Bin Laden did not die and that Biden and Obama covered it up. That theory is interesting when you add the context that 2 WWE Superstars announced this publicly before the President of the United States.

The next night, WWE is live in Miami for RAW. The Rock appears and says how proud he is of the military and his family in the military. He mentions Seal Team 6. He then leads the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. If you look up the Pledge of Allegiance in Q Drops, you get 2 posts. One of them include the phrase "HOME OF THE BRAVE" which was also in the initial Rock/Bin Laden tweet.

8/6/11 was the deadliest day in the War on Terror to that point when a military helicopter carrying 38 on board, mostly Navy Seals was shot down. Coincidentally, the Call Sign of the Helicopter was Extortion 17. Was Obama extorted by Iran for the $1.7 billion?

We flash back to 2001 where The Rock has to make a choice. Either join Vince McMahon or join Shane McMahon's "more progressive" company. The Rock ends up choosing the Progressives when he came out and endorsed Biden and Kamala.

Erika Nardini became the CEO of Barstool in 2016. After that happened, she was fired from two boards unfairly. However under her leadership, Barstool Sports has launched to new heights and she now finds herself on the board working with the greatest Chairman of all time, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. She knew this day would come, as when she debuted for Barstool in 2016, she came out to Stone Cold's theme song.

Did you know that 2020 was the 10 Year Anniversary of Stoolapalooza? Dante was the DJ for that legendary event. 10 years later he would be the only person on the internet with the balls to cover the 4VKM story.

A man on Twitter is adamantly talking about DORAL, FL. Turns out that would be the site of AMPFEST 2020. RFK Jr was originally scheduled to appear.

Back to The Rock and him, Shane, Biden and Kamala are all smiles and giggles. Until BAM! Rock Bottom to Shane McMahon. Biden can't believe it, he realizes he's losing this. The Rock was playing them!

Kamala is reeling. She thinks back to the fact that 3 days before she was announced as Vice President Candidate, the REAL Kamala, James "Kamala" Harris had passed away. Project Looking Glass?

Joe Biden needs notes while asking Kamala on a Zoom call if she wanted to be his running mate. Joe also forgets that he is running for President and announces to a crowd he is candidate for US Senate.

In The Rock's endorsement video, he says "FRIENDS" at exactly the :17 mark. The next day the official DoD Twitter account posted an Army plane being loaded, labeled "The Rock" with the letters AMC above it. AMC = 17. You be the judge!

DORAL, BIG STUFF! On the last day of AMPFEST, Charles Woods and Nic Noe introduce the world to Allan Parrot. Allan was a falconer. I know some other falconers. He has some interesting things to say and you should watch his full interview if you hadn't seen it.

Tony Bobulinski, former Navy officer, jumps on the scene and is invited to the final debate between Biden and Trump. Bobu drops the bomb that he has a Q level clearance. Rats out everything on the Bidens corrupt deals with China.

The Rock is going BIG. We all know what that means at this point. There is a such thing as an Elephant Rock and it turns out The Rock rocked with the Elephants back in the day.

WWE's Elias has a new album out now called "Universal Truth." We see Vincent Fusca's Trump Mobile got in an accident. We see Bray Wyatt wear a Mad Hatter's Hat that says 19/11 on it. We see that 5:5 has multiple meanings. Laptop from hell! GTV! Tesla. John Trump. Free Energy. Juan O Savin wrote a Book. Barron Trump had a book wrote about him back in the 1800s. Trump Loves You. Elias Does Not Love You. But he loves the guy who was screaming about DORAL.

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