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4VKM: Vincent Kennedy - McMahon's War on Christmas
Apr 10, 2021

Did you know that JFK was commemorated on the Official 2020 White House Ornament?

What color does evergreen turn before it reaches the end of its life cycle?

Even though Melania said on tapes she didn't care... she actually cared VERY MUCH in regards to hiding little JFK themed ornaments all through the White House.

Back when running for President in 2016, Donald Trump announced that he would win "The War on Christmas." He eventually declared VICTORY on "The War on Christmas"

George Washington also waged "War on Christmas" in 1776.

Starting in 2003, Vince McMahon led WWE Troops to visit our Troops abroad and domestically during the Holiday season to give back and show their THANKS.

Digital Soldiers from multiple Military bases throughout the World convene in the WWE Thunderdome for the 18th Annual WWE Tribute to the Troops.

Mr. McMahon calls out an imposter Santa Clause and pays for it!

Look there is another Imposter Santa Claus… but who?

Does John Cena watch 4VKM?

John Cena Rock Theme Song Remix Credit to JAYDEGARROW

Did you know John Cena’s Grandfather, Tony Lupien, played for the Boston Red Sox?

He also went to Harvard the same years as JFK.

He was also in the US Navy during World War 2 the same years as JFK also.

What a small world!

A Mysterious @ jfk_ghost arrives on Twitter and shares a video of Sweet Caroline being sung at Fenway Park in Boston in April 2013.

John Cena had a slogan “Chain Gang Soldiers” he called his fans in the mid 2000s. The logo eerily resembles the GTV logo, out of China.

Just so happens John Cena learned Mandarin Chinese and is a WWE Ambassador to the Chinese People.

Shane McMahon also went to work in China after leaving the WWE in 2010. There he ran the YOU On Demand company. Currently he works with Dr. Bruno Wu at Ideanomics.

Back Channels R Important

Who is the mysterious man always sitting in Marine One. We Can’t See Him kinda like John Cena!

John Cena’s rise to Glory coincided with all the Boston Sports teams peaking in Boston over the last 20 years.

CM Punk calls him out for it and catches one in the mouth for calling John Cena a New York Yankee.

Funny enough at Wrestlemania 35 in 2019, John Cena did show up dressed as a New York Yankee as he interrupted the concert from Elias.

On November 8th, 2020 there was an earthquake at almost the exact same location of the JFK Jr plane crash. WCVB Boston was there.

During the ongoing local coverage of the JFK Jr missing Plane Crash in 1999, WCVB Boston interviews Coast Guard Petty Officer Todd Burgun who gives his eye witness account to what happened.

Have you ever seen the Joe M video? That voice sure does seem like Todd Burg…..

Looks like we got a crack team of investigatiors reviewing the wreckage of the plane…

JFK Jr always checked his plane thoroughly before takeoffs. People often told him he could be a Great Man, but he really just want’s to be a Good Man.

JFK’s plane tail number was N529JK which also coincides with JFK’s Birthday 5/29 (JK=John Kennedy)

What would JFK Jr say about Politics if he was around today? How about we look at what he said back then. Past proves Future.

JFK Jr’s Chief of Staff Rosemary said that if he was around today he would be having a blast if Trump was President.

Air Force 1 flies over the JFK Jr plane crash site on 11/11/2018.Same spot as the earthquake on 11/8/2020.

Air Force 1 is due for a renovation, and President Trump has it covered. He took care of the designing himself and pikced out a very familiar paint scheme.

The N529JK plane is BACK and it’s been flying out of and around Quantico, Virginia….Interesting… same colors as the new Air Force 1 coming in 2024. Close friend Brian Steel close friend says JFK Jr would have run for President and loves Children.

The media finally asked President trump about the Q thingy and he says gives his response.

Drake Wuertz (WWE referee) and Matt Morgan (former WWE wrestler) are teaming up with Operation Underground Railroad to Rescue Children from Human Slavery.

George Soros launches fresh attacks on the Boys via his puppets at VICE.

Vince Russo shouts out 4VKM, the 40 Year Plan that coincided with Make a Wish Foundation.

John Cena has set the record for Most Wishes Granted for the Make a Wish Foundation.

President Trump boards Marine 1 and somebody named John is being yelled at who is walking with a blonde woman also to Marine 1. Not sure who that was.

Make a Wish!

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