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Giving the V8 a Workout Passing Left Land Bandit Morons
Jul 14, 2021

A mix of Dash Camera adventures from the DC area, and coming soon a retrospective look back at my cancer fight 10 years ago.

If you're in the far-left lane of the highway and going 55-65 mph in a 70 zone and blowing past numerous "slower traffic keep right" signs and holding up traffic for miles in some cases, YOU'RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE. Move the fuck over. It's not that hard. I'm part German, have driven on the German autobahn, and on the Italian Autostrada, and American highway "lane discipline" is and always has been PURE SHIT in comparison. It's absolutely infuriating. And I actually hate undertaking, because it forces "normal speed" traffic to mix with legitimately slower traffic on the right, which is much less safe than slower traffic in the left lanes just moving the fuck over, which is why they have the signs for slower traffic to move right but are ignored.

For those keeping score, yes it was 2x TOYOTA's here (of course!) and a Honda. I clipped out several minutes of the first Toyota Highlander holding everybody up, but everybody had been passing both of the Toyotas on the right after they repeatedly refused to move over and yield the left lane while under speed. I actually had far more patience than many. American highways would be so much smoother and more orderly and work so much better overall if people would just maintain some simple lane discipline, but we can't have nice things here because as a whole, American drivers are fucking shit.

The roaring V8 here is the standard 5.3L V8 in a Chevy Suburban with 355hp, 3.42 gearing, and a 6-speed automatic, fully loaded with 4 passengers, a dog, and a crap ton of gear and cargo from a 2,300 mile road trip, including 4 bikes on a hitch mount off the back. It gets the job done, but it's NOT fast. Any car made in the past 10-15 years shouldn't have any issue at all maintaining speed up these grades. Minus the bikes and the bit of extra weight and drag, the big Burban will actually pull up these grades in 6th gear without even downshifting if I can maintain about 75 mph. People are just fucking stupid and don't want to press on the gas any more and keep getting slower and slower and slower, but NEVER move over. EVER.

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