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How do you put the BURDEN of PROOF on yourself when you file a 1040 tax ‘CONFESSION’ form? (Short)
Aug 13, 2021

Freedom Law School has been claiming that 99% of Americans have no lawful, constitutional, or moral obligation to file and pay a federal income tax! Hard to believe? Want more information? Watch our videos and visit our website at!

How do you put the burden of proof on yourself when you file a 1040 income tax confession form, and then how do you put the burden of proof back on the IRS where it needs SHOULD be? This week’s Freedom Hour presentation will present a real-life case in which an innocent American couple unwittingly took an action that shifted the burden of proof from the IRS onto themselves. You will learn how to avoid making this mistake yourself.

Freedom Law School’s “Royal Freedom Package” first-year AND yearly renewal fees price increase has been extended to August 15th, so if you are close to signing up, or want to pay your renewal fees early at the current fee, please call us at 813-444-4800 as soon as possible.

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The last segment of every Freedom Hour is a Q&A with Peymon Mottahedeh, founder and president of Freedom Law School! To help you even further, you may send Freedom Law School up to 10 documents regarding your IRS situation to be addressed during the Q&A. For details, click here:

Freedom Law School also does 1-on-1 consultations to go over your situation privately in more detail. To set up a consultation appointment you may call us directly at (813) 444 – 4800 or visit this link:

"There is NO LAW requiring 99% of Americans to file and pay US income taxes." Join our email list and get our FREE Freedom Education Package by going to our website at https://LiveFreeNow.Org/. If you would like to get in touch directly, call us at (813) 444-4800, Monday-Friday between 9 AM & 6 PM ET, to speak with one of our helpful volunteers about how you can LIVE FREE NOW! Thank you to all our friends and truth seekers out there who support us. Remember to share this information with your relatives and loved ones!

Yours in truth,

Peymon Mottahedeh Founder and President of Freedom Law School

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