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Healing & Wellbeing Through Music with Musical Jennifer
Aug 18, 2021

Waking Up! Conscious Discussions about our Changing Reality

Join Carolyn Greenleaf as she discusses our changing reality. We are moving into new territory, with exciting possibilities and amazing technologies that will support our growth and wellbeing.

Carolyn will also invite guests to share valuable information about our changing reality and how we can build on what is occurring. This show will also address the problems that exist while discussing solutions, how we can help others, reform our communities, and building a better future for all.

Carolyn Greenleaf is a Spiritual Life Coach, Energetic Healer, Teacher, Speaker and Author. Carolyn is also the founder and CEO of Greenleaf Healing. For more information or to join Greenleaf Healings mailing list, please visit

Join me as I interview Musical Jennifer. Learn about her amazing story of being just a girl in a musical family. Jennifer’s passion for music and her desire to teach others drew me to her, because my own Spiritual Guides and Angels have described humanity and Creation as a beautiful song, a symphony that can heal our divisions, our health, and so much more. Jennifer like so many does not have esteemed degrees and was surprised when I asked her to be a guest on this podcast. I told her that her authenticity and natural passion, joy, and alignment with the music of her Soul makes her more qualified than someone with the highest “pedigrees.”

Real talent comes through the Soul as you wholly embrace the knowledge of the spheres, while receiving it through the resonance, reverence, and alignment you hold.

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