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Daren Mehl Testimony - 11-22-2021
Nov 23, 2021

Reverend Daren Mehl shares his insights into the Christian Faith and the world around us as a former homosexual rescued and transformed by Jesus. Rev. Mehl shares his thoughts on all things at the intersection of Christianity and LGBTQ. His mission is equipping the church to prepare for the prodigal to come home and to help lead the prodigal back to their father. Rev Mehl focuses on how to be effective at ministering to those identified as LGBTQ, and helping Christians understand how to be salt and light to those in need.

Rev. Mehl services as President of Voice of the Voiceless. His analysis of current events are framed for the Christian to better understand the political and cultural issues of our day from a Christian spiritual lens.

Rev. Mehl is grounded in the belief that grace by faith in Jesus Christ is able to sanctify the sinner for the glory of God. He boldly proclaims the truth of scripture and compassionately helps people to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Daren Mehl shares his testimony of being transformed by Jesus. Having lived as a "Gay Christian", yet being convicted by the Holy Spirit but no way out, God provided the help in the form of a Christian Brother who helped Daren gain faith in his heterosexual potential as God created him. Even after marrying a woman he met through a guy he used to date, Daren was addicted to porn and for years tried to pray the gay away but couldn't stop acting out with porn. At the end of his rope, Daren discovered he was operating in self righteousness rather than in the righteousness and grace of God through Jesus Christ. After a radical experience of repentance and then guidance to truth by the Holy Spirit, Daren experienced freedom from sinful desires toward the same sex. Today Daren has been married 16 years and has two children. His message of the power of Jesus to transform a person's heart and mind will encourage you that change is possible from any sinful addiction or false identity.

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