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Get Acquainted With Connie, aka, America's Homeless Recovery Coach
Dec 04, 2021

America's Homeless Recovery Coach | I'm an artsy, crafty, high-tech Grandma on a mission to help craft a place to belong for ALL of U.S. Formerly homeless due to serious mental illness, now developing my role as America's Homeless Recovery Coach. Overcomer by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimonies!!! #AmericasHomelessRecoveryCoach #KatalumaCrafty #TechSavvyPatriots #Oklahoma STABILIZE AMERICA FIRST, THEN ON TO ALL POINTS BEYOND

Welcome to The Kataluma Adventure at Connie's House! I'm Connie, an artsy, crafty mental health educator, Kataluma Adventure Host, and America's Homeless Recovery Coach.

I am working on a series of social studies projects that will include coloring pages, lesson plans, word search puzzles, community service project ideas, ACEs education, and other trauma-informed projects for those who would like to learn about overcoming challenges passed down by previous generations.

I'm a survivor of homelessness that was rooted in childhood adversity, which is why many of my projects are mental health related.

The arts are our favorite method of education, and we provide unique, one-of-a-kind projects that help families build… or re-build strong personal relationships. I intend to provide the best of the best in art, educational, and relationship study tools that will help families improve the way we think about overcoming life challenges. It's important that we learn to fill our homes with a sense of safety, love, acceptance, validation, celebration, and we know that HOME truly is, our place to belong.

One of our primary goals is to help create a new national protocol for helping families who are homeless, and to create a prototype where communities can join forces on behalf of those who are seeking to overcome financial and relationship challenges that are bigger than they are equipped to handle on their own.

We invite you to join our family-friendly, armchair adventure in Social Studies, 101, Faith Edition... you know, just in case homelessness ever happens to you or someone you love!

We hope you enjoy our artsy, crafty adventure in making life beautiful, for ALL of U.S., and we look forward to getting acquainted. Thank you for taking the time to visit!

With warmest regards, Connie, Clara, and the rest of our Armchair Adventure Team

#AmericasHomelessRecoveryCoach #TheKatalumaAdventure #GodsGraceNotes #ACEsTooHigh #TheRootCellar #KatalumaMarketplace

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