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TRUTH BEFORE FASHION by Dr. William Luther Pierce
Dec 29, 2021

This is a talk by Dr. Pierce not widely distributed. It is, however, very relevant to what is happening amongst our people today. Despite conditions continuing to deteriorate - and despite more and more disapproval of our government and media - our people continue to refuse to face the issues head-on. Instead of directly stating and standing up for what they know or believe to be true, they continue to try half-measures and indirect means. That won't work. It hasn't worked for over a century now.

This talk by Dr. Pierce will be available alongside other unreleased and unheard talks on The Power of Truth Volume 12. You will be able to find that CD once released on the Cosmotheist Church store. There are already 11 volumes of audio restored talks by Dr. Pierce available here as well

Check out the National Alliance website here:

Here are nearly all of Dr. Pierce's broadcasts and other speeches here:

Read the National Alliance's online magazine here:

Here are all the books sold by the National Alliance through the spiritual foundation of our cause, The Cosmotheist Church:

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