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eBay Market Share is Sinking | Will The Legacy Auction Platform Survive?
Mar 15, 2022

Co-author of the best-seller Modern Monopolies. Platforms like Facebook and Google are 21st century monopolies.

A recent marketplace report shows that eBay's eCommerce market share has now sunk below 5%. Is this a natural result of the meteoric growth of eCommerce in the U.S. or a sign that eBay is failing? I don't think you can blame this completely on eBay but there are certainly areas we've seen eBay continually fail to grow its platform over the past decade. Frankly, I think there's a long list of failures by leadership at eBay that have put the auction marketplace into a stagnant position lacking in innovation. What happened to eBay's early lead in eCommerce? I think a lot of this comes down to eBay lack of competitive recognition of vertical specific marketplaces

00:00 - Subscribe and Fight Big Tech 00:19 - eBay market share sinks below 5% 01:05 - What's a good comp to eBay? 01:56 - Etsy's similar business model is seeing massive growth 02:58 - Horizontal mega marketplaces vs vertical specific 04:03 - Mistakes by eBay leadership 05:38 - Failure to provide value add services 06:14 - eBay growth is tepid 06:50 - eBay competitors like Etsy are making moves

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