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The Week According To . . . Abi Roberts
Mar 26, 2022

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Stand back! Abi Roberts joins us again, throwing truth grenades as she lets us know what she really thinks of some of the offerings of the main stream media this week. On Abi's radar this episode is GB News and the repellant Jon Gaunt, is President Zelensky up for an Oscar?, we are no biologists here at Hearts of Oak but we dare to take a look at the curious case of Ketanji Brown Jackson and what a woman is, pull the other's got bells on study shows ZERO deaths linked to the Pfizer or Moderna clot shots!, with Mothers Day this Sunday in the UK...nothing says you love your Mum as much as a covid test, MEP Christine Anderson roasts Trudeau in front of the European Parliament and much more!

Abi Roberts is a British stand-up comedian, writer and commentator. Abi became a professional stand-up in 2012, and since then has played some of the biggest clubs across the UK, and had several sold-out shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She became a comedian because she wanted to write her own material and have the freedom to express her worldview – and make thousands of people laugh at the absurdity and wonder of life. Abi does not worship at ‘The Church of Woke’! If you ask her how she identifies or what her gender pronouns are, she would give you this answer: “I’m a straight female who’s flattened a lot of grass. I spent much of my university days behind a club called Cinderella’s with a cone of chips in one hand and a pint of Snakebite and Black in the other. For balance. I once dabbled in Lesbiana but couldn’t fully commit because, like a London cab driver, I wouldn’t go south of the river.” Abi’s stand up show Anglichanka, which was about living and studying in Russia, gained her several 5 star rave reviews and the show toured the UK. She was the first comedian to do shows in Moscow in both English and Russian, as Abi explains “My father was a spy… sorry, diplomat, so I went to the Soviet Union as a kid and then in the early 1990s I studied opera at the Moscow Conservatoire. Over the years, I’ve met many people who have been persecuted by the Soviet regime, including Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, so I have an inbuilt hatred of all authoritarian bastards who encourage denouncement and punish freedom of speech.” She has appeared as a guest comedian on BBC Radio 4’s Midweek, Saturday Live and BBC Radio Scotland’s The Janice Forsyth Show, and ITV’s Good Morning Britain, debating mandatory vaccine passports opposite Edwina Currie. As a writer, Abi has written for several publications including Spiked and The Times. Abi is a regular commentator on GB News, You can see her on Tonight Live with Dan Wootton and Mark Dolan and she also appears regularly on Andrew Doyle’s Free Speech Nation as well as Nana Akua’s weekend Debate show on GB News every Friday from 4-6pm. Twice monthly she joins Ann Widdecombe and Emma Webb in Widdecombe Webb & Woberts streamed LIVE on the New Culture Forum YouTube channel and also contributes regularly on Talk Radio & Times Radio and you can see her in person at the Backyard Comedy Club on Sunday 10th April 2022

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Originally broadcast as a live news discussion 26.3.22

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Links to stories and features in this episodes I’ve been reliably informed that Lord Gaunt of Jabshire is back on GBNEWS I thought that neither of us had been asked back on, because they were trying to remain impartial, but it seems I was wrong. Ukrainian President Zelensky in talks with Academy to make Oscars appearance Biden's Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson refuses to define the word 'woman' Biden's Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson refuses to define the word 'woman' because she's 'not a biologist' as she is grilled on day two of her confirmation hearing Tom Harwood Aren’t we lucky that these days people can change their biology with the wonders of life saving modern medicine :) JABULOUS No deaths linked to Pfizer and Moderna Covid jabs, major new study finds When COVID meets #MothersDay. How utterly depressing is this?! VIDEO: Christine Anderson
Yesterday, Canada's Prime Minister visited the #EU Parliament to give a speech. I took the opportunity to give him an appropriate "welcome" there. Short, concise and right hitting the bull's eye! #ID Love big pharma cartoon from Bob Moran RogerButterworth
There is no cost of living crisis. There is a cost of LOCKDOWN crisis.

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